Is my organization a good fit for the Howard Gilman Foundation?

The Foundation’s priority at this time is to fund dance, music, theatre, and multidisciplinary professional performing arts organizations. The Foundation is also interested in service organizations that support these disciplines. If you have questions about whether your organization might fit within the Foundation’s priorities, please email Grants Manager Kimberleigh Costanzo or call her at 212-408-0408.

Does the Foundation fund arts education?

The Foundation does not support in-school educational activity or arts education programming at this time.

Does the Foundation fund professional training programs?

The Foundation may fund professional development efforts for working artists but does not support skills-based training or degree-granting programs at this time.

Does my organization need to have 501(c)(3) status to apply?

To be considered for Foundation funding, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) OR fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3).

Are there any special requirements for fiscally sponsored organizations?

Organizations using fiscal sponsors should maintain their own professional financial records or have their fiscal agent maintain professional records for them. Fiscally sponsored organizations must also have their own Board of Directors or Advisory Board.

If my organization is sponsored by a fiscal agent, whose information should be presented in the LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application?

Fiscally sponsored organizations should include their own financial, board, and contact information on the LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application. The fiscal sponsor’s name should be entered where noted. Organizations without their own EIN should enter the EIN of their fiscal agent.

What if my organization is not required to have an annual audit?

If your organization is not required to have audited financial statements, you can submit an Independent Accountants’ Review (IAR) or your organization’s most recent 990. If your organization is not required to have an IAR or 990, you must submit professionally generated financial statements.

For how many years must my organization’s operating revenue budget exceed $250,000 in order to be eligible?

In order to meet our eligibility criteria, your organization’s last completed fiscal year and current fiscal year must show operating revenue that exceeds $250,000. Operating revenue projections for the fiscal year of your proposed activity must also exceed $250,000.

Should my organization apply for general operating support or project support?

You are welcome to apply for whichever type of support would best further the mission of your organization. Project support requests should be for distinct work within specific timeframes, and they may cross fiscal years. General operating support requests are for core programming and operations and should encompass the majority of one fiscal year.

How much should my organization apply for?

When considering applying for Foundation funding, please note that the majority of our grants range between $25,000 and $100,000. There is no set formula for determining a request amount; rather, we ask that you consider your organization’s needs in the context of your overall financial health. Note that the request amount presented in your LOI or Intent to Apply is not considered final. If invited to complete a full Application, Foundation staff may ask you to amend the amount of your request. All award decisions are ultimately recommended by the staff and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Does the timing of my organization’s project or fiscal year impact the cycle for which it should apply?

For project support, the Foundation prefers to fund in advance of the project, so your request should be submitted with enough time to receive funding prior to the start of the proposed activity.

For general operating support, we recommend that organizations with a fiscal year end date of 12/31 apply in Cycle 1, and organizations with fiscal year end dates that fall between 6/30 and 8/31 apply in either Cycle 2 or Cycle 3.

Is my organization a New Applicant or a Current Grantee?

Current Grantees are organizations that have been awarded Howard Gilman Foundation funding during or after calendar year 2015. New Applicants are organizations that have NOT been awarded Foundation funding during or after calendar year 2015. If your organization was awarded funding during or after calendar year 2015, and then subsequently declined for funding, it is considered a New Applicant. 

Is my organization still a New Applicant even if it was previously invited to apply?

If your organization applied for funding but was NOT awarded funding, it is still considered a New Applicant.

What time of day are the LOIs, Letters of Intent, and Applications due?

LOIs and applications should be submitted by 11:59 PM. All deadlines are listed on our How to Apply page.

My organization would like to be considered for a capital or cash reserve grant. How does it apply for this type of request?

Requests for capital projects, cash reserves, or similar needs are by invitation only. If you are interested in pursuing funding for one of these categories and have not previously spoken with a staff member, please contact Emily Sproch at 212.408.0418. Invitations for these requests are made on a case-by-case basis.

If my organization received funding last year, do I need to fill out an LOI in order to reapply?

If you are a current grantee (a current grantee is defined as an organization that was awarded funding during the previous calendar year), you should fill out an Intent to Apply in place of an LOI. You can find more information about the Intent to Apply on our Application Overview page.

How long should the answers be for the LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application?

We provide suggested answer lengths (ranging from a few sentences to a few paragraphs) for all of the narrative questions on the LOI, Intent to Apply, and Application. Please keep these suggested lengths in mind as you craft your answers; we would much prefer that you adhere to our suggested lengths than try to reach the maximum character count.

How does the Application differ from the LOI and the Intent to Apply?

The Application features many of the same questions as the LOI and the Intent to Apply. Please note that all of the answers you provide on your LOI or your Intent to Apply will automatically transfer to your Application. You are welcome to edit and update any answers you wish; we appreciate information that is as current as possible. There are also several additional questions on the Application that are not found on the LOI or Intent to Apply. All required questions for the LOI, the Intent to Apply, and the Application are listed on our Application Overview page.

How often can my organization submit a LOI or an Intent to Apply?

An organization may submit a LOI or Intent to Apply for one cycle per calendar year.

How often can my organization receive funding from the Foundation?

Organizations are eligible for funding once per calendar year and only once within their own fiscal year.

Where do I submit my organization’s Final Report?

Reporting questions are included in the next application for Foundation funding. There is no need to submit a separate report. If your organization chooses not to reapply for funding, please contact Kimberleigh Costanzo at 212.408.0408, and she will send the reporting questions via email.

The decision notification date has passed, and my organization hasn’t yet received an email. What should I do?

All official decision notifications are emailed through the Foundation’s online grants management system. These emails are sent to the Grant Contact that your organization chose for its LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application. If your organization’s Grant Contact has not received an email and the notification date has passed, it is likely that the email went to a junk or spam folder. Please have your Grant Contact log on to the online system and click “Contact Email History” near the top of the Applicant Dashboard page. This option will provide a list of all emails that have been sent from this system. To ensure that your organization receives all future emails, it is helpful to white-list the address administrator@grantinterface.com.

What is a DataArts profile?

DataArts, formerly the Cultural Data Project (CDP), is an independent organization that tracks data about cultural organizations. If you do not have a DataArts account or have any questions about this tool, please contact DataArts directly at 877-707-DATA (877-707-3282) or help@culturaldata.org.

We’d like to invite the Foundation to our upcoming performances. What’s the best way to send invitations to our work?

Invitations should be sent via email to info@howardgilmanfoundation.org. This email is checked regularly and is the best way to ensure your information is reviewed.