Application Forms and Questions

The first step of submitting an LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application is to register an account in the application portal. For a step-by-step guide to completing registration, click here.

How does the Application differ from the LOI and the Intent to Apply?
The Application features many of the same questions as the LOI and the Intent to Apply. Please note that all of the answers you provide in your LOI or your Intent to Apply will automatically transfer to your Application where you are welcome to edit and update any answers you wish; we appreciate information that is as current as possible. There are also several additional questions on the Application that are not found on the LOI or Intent to Apply. As they become available, PDFs of the LOI, the Intent to Apply, and the Applications are listed on our Funding Process page.

How long should the answers be for the LOI, Intent to Apply, and/or Application?
We provide suggested answer lengths (ranging from a few sentences to a few paragraphs) for all of the narrative questions on the LOI, Intent to Apply, and Application. Please keep these suggested lengths in mind as you craft your answers; we would prefer that you adhere to our suggested lengths than try to reach the maximum character count.