Request Amounts and Types of Funding

Should my organization apply for general operating support or project support?
You are welcome to apply for whichever type of support best furthers the mission of your organization. Project support requests should be for distinct work within specific timeframes, and they may cross fiscal years. Note that projects are not funded retroactively. General operating support requests are for core programming and operations and should encompass the majority of one fiscal year.

How much should my organization apply for?
When considering applying for funding, please note that the majority of our grants range between $10,000 and $250,000. There is no set formula for determining a request amount; rather, we ask that you consider your organization’s needs in the context of your overall financial health. Note that the request amount presented in your Letter of Inquiry, Intent to Apply, or Application is not considered final. If invited to complete a full Application, Gilman staff may ask you to amend the amount of your request. Request amounts are never an indication of potential funding at that specific level. All award decisions are recommended by the staff and approved by our Board of Trustees.

My organization would like to be considered for a capital, cash reserve, or multi-year grant. How do we apply for this type of request?
Requests for capital projects, cash reserves, or multi-year funding are provided on a case-by-case basis and are typically determined over the course of the application review process. Interested organizations should discuss this with their Program Officer or contact Conrhonda E. Baker.