Timing & Cycles

When should my organization apply?
For project support, Gilman prefers to fund in advance of the project, so your request should be submitted with enough time to receive funding prior to the start of the proposed activity.

For general operating support, we recommend that organizations with a fiscal year end date of 12/31 apply in Cycle 1, organizations with a fiscal year end date of 6/30 apply in Cycle 2 or 3, and organizations with a fiscal year end date that falls between 6/30 and 11/30 apply in Cycle 3. You can find more information about timing on our Dates and Deadlines page.

My LOI or application was declined. How soon can I submit a new one?
An organization may submit one LOI or application per calendar year. If you would like advice about submitting a new LOI or application, please contact the program officer noted in your declination email.

How often can my organization receive funding from Gilman?
Organizations are eligible for funding once per calendar year and once within their own fiscal year.