The White Oak Dance Project

Howard counted Mikhail Baryshnikov among his closest friends. In 1990, Baryshnikov and Mark Morris expressed an interest in forming a touring company devoted to modern dance. Howard turned an equipment shed on the White Oak grounds into a dance studio, and the White Oak Dance Project was born.

The Dance Project made White Oak their headquarters, and Howard added more studios. Soon, White Oak became the go-to location for the world’s greatest choreographers to create and rehearse.

The Dance Project toured until 2002 and is known for commissioning new pieces from Morris, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Jerome Robbins, David Gordon, and others.

He loved dance and he loved dancers. He knew that our art form could only flourish in the long run if individual artists could also flourish, both during and after their dance careers.—Cynthia Gregory, Chairman Emerita of Career Transition for Dancers and former Prima Ballerina with the American Ballet Theater