The Howard Gilman Dressing Room
Mark Morris Dance Center


Mark Morris Dance Center

The Howard Gilman Dressing Room is the heart of the Mark Morris Dance Center. Located on the same floor as the administrative team, the space provides each dancer in the company with their own desk, closet, and changing area. In addition, it has warm-up space, bathrooms, showers, and a small kitchenette. So often, dancers live their lives out of their bags; here, each dancer is provided with all of the elements necessary for a successful day of artistic performance, the way office workers are provided with tools for administrative performance.

Created with funding from the Foundation in 2001, the space is symbolic of the company’s approach to many things: respect for the dancer’s lifestyle, the importance of creating a “home base,” and the idea that everyone, dancers and administrators alike, are part of the artistic ecosystem.


L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato
Photo by Elaine Mayson