The Howard Gilman Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Art


Gallery 852/The Howard Gilman Gallery
Photo by Anna Kellen, The Photograph Studio, ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Howard, with the help of his renowned curator Pierre Apraxine, painstakingly acquired and preserved a collection of over 8,500 photographs. Howard introduced the world to this exquisite collection during an exhibition entitled “The Waking Dream” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1993.

In 1997, a year before Howard’s death, the Met opened its first permanent gallery for photography, Gallery 852/The Howard Gilman Gallery, which borrowed from Howard’s collection. Later, when the Met acquired the Gilman collection in its entirety, Malcolm Daniel, senior curator in the Department of Photographs, said “it’s undoubtedly the most important thing that has happened at the Met in the area of photography and is probably the most important thing that is likely ever to happen.”