The Howard Gilman Performance Space
National Dance Institute

ndi_hg_02[1]The Howard Gilman Performance Space at National Dance Institute

Howard was a great fan of New York City Ballet. In the early 1970s, he was introduced to one of the Ballet’s most celebrated performers—principal dancer Jacques d’Amboise—and a lasting friendship was formed.

In 1976, Jacques created National Dance Institute (NDI), an organization devoted to engaging and motivating children through the art of dance. During nearly four decades of growth, NDI has touched the lives of two million children, spreading their belief that “every child—regardless of socioeconomic status, language, cultural background, or physical ability—should have the opportunity to experience the joy and power of the arts.”

In 2011, NDI opened the doors to the National Dance Institute Center for Learning & the Arts on West 147th Street in Harlem. Boasting four studios, two galleries, and a flexible performance space, this center allowed NDI to expand its exceptional programming. In 2014, after a $1.5 million gift from the Foundation, the NDI Center’s performance space was officially named for Howard.

Howard was deeply devoted to the arts during his lifetime, and we are honored to celebrate his legacy and see his passion live on in our work.

— Jacques d’Amboise

ndi_hg_01[1]The 3,551 square foot performance space has sprung wood floors, integrated theatrical lighting and sound equipment, two HD projectors, retractable bleacher seating, and a Steinway Concert Grand piano.