Financial Management Webinars

Planning Beyond COVID-19 is a series of free instructional webinars by the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF).
In this webinar series, NFF offered practical steps to help leaders plan amidst uncertainty for the months ahead, and tools for managing their financial health within a rapidly changing environment.




The Current State and Immediate Needs


Operating during times of change and uncertainty requires timely decision-making based on an accurate and current understanding of an organization’s financial situation. This first webinar will offer a framework for assessing your financial situation, review tools and strategies for managing cash, and introduce an approach for balancing immediate needs with longer-term priorities.


Current State and Immediate Needs Slide Deck

Financial Pulse Check Indicators Spreadsheet


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Cash Flow Projection Tool User Guide

Cash Flow Tool
Full Cost: What All Nonprofits Need







Budgeting and Scenario Planning


A crucial tool for navigating a rapidly changing environment is a flexible budget that provides a look into risks, changes, and the “what if’s.” This webinar will focus on budgeting techniques and tools that can increase clarity and enable timely decision-making.


Budgeting and Scenario Planning Slide Deck


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Scenario Planning Tool User Guide
Scenario Planning Tool
Budgeting Basics Webinar
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Financial Storytelling and Communication


During times of change, turbulence, and uncertainty, it’s even more important to stay connected with stakeholders. Nonprofit leaders must be able to tell their financial story to create buy-in for decisions and support for potential changes. This webinar gives participants a framework for narrating their financial situation and offers ideas for communicating the financial story of 2020, 2021, and 2022 to boards, funders, and other stakeholders.


Financial Storytelling and Communication Slide Deck

NFF Math Libs Exercise