Renewing Support as a Current Grantee

If your organization has received Howard Gilman Foundation funding in Cycle 1, 2, or 3 of the last year or a multi-year grant the prior year you are a Current Grantee!

The Funding Process

Confirm that your organization still meets our eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for Gilman funding, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3). If your eligibility has changed since your last request, contact your Program Officer.

Verify your most recent funding cycle is still best suited for your organization’s needs and confirm upcoming cycle deadlines.

We conduct three funding cycles per year. To begin the renewal process, you should determine which cycle is the best fit for both your organization and your type of proposal. Please visit our Date & Deadlines page for specific upcoming Cycle timing. The majority of Gilman’s grantees receive general operating support. If your most recent cycle is not ideal, please contact your Program Officer to discuss switching cycles.

Cycle 1

Request if: your organization is seeking general operating support and has a fiscal year-end date of 12/31.

Award notification: March

Cycle 2

Request if: your organization is seeking general operating support and has a fiscal year-end date of 6/30.

Award notification: Early July

Cycle 3

Request if: your organization is seeking general operating support and has a fiscal year-end date that falls between 7/31 and 11/30.

Award notification: November

Update your organization profile in the grants portal.

Prior to the beginning of your preferred cycle, review your organization profile information and contacts in the grants portal. If updates are needed, click here and follow the instructions starting on page 6.

Having issues?

Need help logging in or updating your contacts in the grants portal? Reach out and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process via email or on a phone call.

Get Help

Fill out and submit your grant renewal application.

Your next step is to complete and submit a grant renewal application via the grants portal. Click here for a pdf copy of the Current Grantees form to use as a guide and to aid you while you prepare your renewal request.

We’ll review your renewal request and chat with you.

This is our time to catch up. In addition to reading your renewal application, a Gilman Program Officer will schedule a meeting to talk with your organizational leadership and learn more about your plans. Gilman also strives to send a minimum of one staff person to a virtual or in-person performance-related activity per calendar year. Performances may happen outside of the review process and attendance is not limited to your request cycle timing.

We’ll get to work behind the scenes.

Working together, the Gilman team will come to a consensus on all grant recommendations, which are then reviewed, discussed, and approved by the Gilman Board. All notifications of grant decisions (approvals, declinations, and deferrals) are sent out via email to the contacts you’ve selected in your request form.

Awards and Reporting

If awarded funding, grantees will receive a grant agreement and payment instructions via DocuSign. Then, in your next request, we’ll ask you to report on your prior year’s funding—no separate reporting is required! If you receive multi-year funding, no interim narrative report is required. Instead, you will receive detailed information about the reporting process via email to the Grant Contact designated on your request.

Ready to Start Your Application?

Gilman uses a grants portal to process applications.

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